Camp Schedule


Registration – Find your way to the Big Red Barn to check in with Coach Glavin, Coach Hamer and the rest of our fantastic staff!

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – Sit among friends (or make some new ones!) in our spacious cafeteria where you’ll have a well-rounded and delicious meal – and ALWAYS a dessert!

Morning Run – Rise and shine! Your group and assigned counselors will take a 10-minute ride to beautiful Susquehanna State Park for a run over soft trails and challenging hills. Each run of the week is considered and designed by counselors with the intent to prepare campers for the upcoming Cross Country season.

Free time (Pool or Canteen Open) – Enjoy the unstructured time to yourself to meet new campers, relax in your cabin or play games in the open grass. Depending on the time of the day, the Pool or the Canteen will be open. The Pool will always have a lifeguard on duty and is perfect for relaxing or friendly racing! The Canteen is a great place to congregate for games or chatting with that team you see at meets all the time but never talk to!

Learn-By-Doing Rotation – An experienced coach and current collegiate athlete will explain to you and your group the necessity and benefits of supplementary training such as core exercises, hurdle drills and plyometrics and then guide you through actively trying them. You and your group will visit 8 unique Learn-By-Doing lessons during camp. These important lessons and useful knowledge can be used throughout your running career!

Afternoon Run – Often to shake out legs (but sometimes to gain more mileage for those who are accustomed to high volume weeks), the Afternoon Run will take place from campus. Talk to your counselors about how how far you should be running on this double – they are competitive collegiate runners or successful coaches who know what it takes to get the best out of an athlete. It’s highly suggested to go straight from your run into our beautiful pool! There’s no better way to cool off!

Morning and Nightly Talks –  One of the most influential parts of camp! Our speakers range from coaches to physical therapists to All-American athletes. Each has a tale to tell about their road to success – a road they want you to find! Pay close attention to these captivating speakers. They may inspire you to find the best in yourself and your team this upcoming Fall!

Camp Tournament – May the best team win! All campers are divided into multiple teams that will vie for the title of Hawk Harrier Team Champion – and celebratory pizza on the last night! Teams are pitted against each other in competitions of Volleyball, Tug-of-War, and Quizzo. Whichever team can accumulate the most points by the end of camp will be crowned the winner. Good luck, campers!