The Camp

This mid-August week of summer training is crucial for the transition back to the workouts and racing of Cross Country.

Campers at Hawk Harrier spend this week:

  • Running over soft but challenging terrain with runners grouped into similar ability to help and challenge them.
  • Learning from group and individual attention on supplementary strengthening such as flexibility, form, core, plyometrics and more.
  • Listening to captivating talks by coaches and collegiate athletes who know what its like to be in their shoes and have succeeded at high school, collegiate and even national levels.
  • Competing in a week-long tournament of games with their newly assigned team to be crowned Hawk Harrier Team Champion – and earn some delicious pizza!
  • Spending free time relaxing in the Pool, hanging out at the Canteen, playing games in the open fields or talking with teams they usually only see on the starting line.



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